Designing for a Twenty-First-Century China.

Already the largest economy in the world, China's growth brings along a surge of sophisticated consumers and increasingly complex market forces. All of which can—and will—shape products and services in the years to come. HU YUWEN DESIGN, established in 2010, believes in finding inspiration in China's 4,000 years of tradition; and it has helped Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike find their own Chinese identity.

DAVID HU, founder

As an art director and designer, David brings a culturally insightful perspective to multinational and entrepreneurial clients by providing:

  • On-site (in China and/or U.S.) creative direction
  • Culturally authentic visual identity development
  • International design project management

By striking the right balance between deep-rooted brand values and just-in-time market relevance, he helps Western brands and their global identities resonate with consumers in China.