HU YUWEN DESIGN, established in 2010 by Chinese-American designer David Hu, specializes in exploring the themes of modernity, authenticity, and philosophy of 21st-century Chinese Design.

China has become the largest economy in the world, bringing along more sophisticated consumers and increasingly complex market forces. All of which, in turn, can inform the next generation of how designers should view our profession and how China—an idea no less strong as America—will be shaped in the years to come.

David brings a design-minded, culturally insightful perspective to multinationals and start-ups alike, by providing:

  • On-site creative direction
  • Cross-cultural visual identity development
  • International design project management

By striking the right balance between deep-rooted brand values and just-in-time cultural relevance, he helps Western brands go farther than their global identities in order to resonate locally. In the following pages, you will see examples of David's independent and client works, brand identity concepts, and exploratory writings—all of each were informed and made better through his cultural curiosity and sensitivity.